Dack Integration Steps

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About Dack

Dack offers automated guest guides, recommendations, verification, enhancements, upsells, smart home services, messaging, check-in/check-out, and more.  Through the Dack portal in combination with a guest app, available for both iPhone and Android devices, Dack offers full control of the guest experience.

For more information and details of available services, visit their https://www.dackinc.com web address.

You must contact VRM to grant access to your company and property information for the Dack system.

All Dack needs for you to get started is your Client Code which can be found in the lower left corner of the VRM dashboard.

Finding Your Client Code

The client code can be found by looking in the lower left corner of the VRM Admin Console immediately after logging in.

VRM System Onboarding Steps

After signing up with Dack, you will want to make sure your properties are visible.  This is done by simply making sure your properties are part of the "All Properties" web group.  This is found under Basic Settings > Website > Web Groups > All Properties > Assign Properties.

After this step is complete, contact VRM, and we can link your account so it will work with Dack.

Data Being Pulled

Using the VRM website API, Dack has the ability to pull a variety of information from the VRM System. These data points include, but are not limited to, the following: Reservation Data, Guest Details, Property Listing Data, Amenities, Property Pictures, Guest Charges, Rent Adjustments, and other charges.  The guest details include the guest full name, email address, cell phone number, full address, full reservation details, booking channel, reservation pricing information, guest comments, and occupancy information.

Keycode Generation Integrations

Dack supports direct integrations with PointCentral and KABA so if you are already using one of these services, Dack can generate these codes for you and send those to the guest via their phone based app.  Please reach out to Dack on how to make this work.

Note: Connection to third party services may not be included with the base service, and these services will have their own service agreements and costs associated with them.  Please rely on Dack Support for more information on integration options.

Dack Support

For general questions, you can visit https://www.dackinc.com/support for the Dack support page.  If you have questions, you can log into the Dack Help Center at the https://dackinc.zendesk.com web address.  (This requires an account with Dack to access.)
If the above resources do not provide you with information to resolve the issue, the next steps should be followed:
1. File a support ticket with Dack via the Dack Help Center or send an email to [email protected] for assistance.
2. Dack will research and troubleshoot the issue accordingly.
3. If the issue cannot be resolved by Dack, then they will reach out to VRM directly on your behalf.  (This may involve Dack and VRM communicating "behind the scenes" to get your issue resolved.)

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