Rezfusion Boost - Set up in VRM

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Rezfusion Boost

Rezfusion Boost - Set up in VRM

How to account for the 'Price Adjustment' from Boost in VRM


If you want to track the markup (price adjustment) by portal then you will need to set up a unique vendor and account as outlined in the steps below.  The vendor would be set up first, then set up the account and assign the vendor created. The funds that distribute to this account will get paid out to the management company and deposited into the Operating bank account to then pay Boost and the OTA if applicable. 

If you want all the markup (price adjustment) in one account and not track this by portal then you only need to set up one vendor and one account in VRM. 


An example if you want to track separate portals, below is an example for Vrbo. If you want to track each portal overage you will do steps 1-3 for each OTA portal. If you don't need to track overages for each portal you can use the same vendor and account for all portals and assign each portal the same account in step 3.  



Create a new vendor: 

                  a) Go to Maintenance > 

                  b) Manage Vendors > 

                  c) Click New >  

                  d) Create Vendor profile (this will be your PM company name, 'PM Company Name' is just an example)





Create a new account: 

                  a) Go to System Configuration > 

                  b) Financial > 

                  c) Click on "Accounts" Tab

                  d) Click New >  

                  e) Create Account (assign the vendor that was created above)        




Apply the account as the Overage Account to the portal: 

                  a) Go to Channel Management > 

                  b)  Rezfusion Boost> 

                  c) select the Portal >  

                  d) Click 'Edit' >

                  e) Use the drop down to select the Overage Account

Set up Airbnb in VRM for the Boost connection
The taxes that Airbnb collects needs to be configured for the "RezFusion Boost - Airbnb" portal.
a) Go to Channel Management >
b) Rezfusion Boost >
c) select the Portal "RezFusion Boost - Airbnb" >
d) click the Portal Taxes button >
e) check the box for the taxes Airbnb pays and click the "Add >>" button
During Implementation with Boost selecting where to pull the Short & Long Description are pulled from in 
There are two options in Boost for 'Listing Description to use' 
1) If you select 'Use Portal Descriptions' Boost will pull the Short & Long Description from VRM under 
    a. Channel Management >
    b. Global Attributes >
    c. select the Property >
    d. click Edit Property > 
2) If you select 'Use Web Descriptions' Boost will pull the Short & Long Description from VRM under  
    a. System Configuration >
    b. Website >
    c. Web Groups > 
    d. All Properties >
    e. Edit Properties

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